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Choosing the ideal spa involves various considerations, from features to sizes and types. At Summer and Winter Pool & Spas we specialize in a diverse range of spa styles. With an array of options, sizes, and personalized features, rest assured, we're equipped to transform your spa dreams into reality.

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We encourage you to connect with us directly. Our team is eager to discuss your pool aspirations and provide personalized guidance. Call us today to start creating your perfect pool together.

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American hot tub manufacturer built with cutting-edge technology and premium features to enhance your soaking experience.


A Viking hot tub is a conduit to building healthy relationships — with your own mind and body, and with your loved ones. With a Viking spa, you can have peace of mind that your hot tub is built to last.


Aspen spa mold designs are handcrafted in-house, backed by years of research and development, and reinforced by customer feedback. We are confident that our spas are not only more comfortable, but more durable, reliable, and efficient.


DreamMaker Spas are the simple, affordable, durable way to enjoy a tranquil spa getaway right at home.

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dietrich leftwich
dietrich leftwich
Very personable
Libby Gays
Libby Gays
Their customer service and maintenance is outstanding. I highly recommend them.
paul farish
paul farish
They actually answer the phone! Showed when they said they would, did great work. S & W Pool and Spas are our pool guys, they should be yours too.
Joey Myers
Joey Myers
Great people and great service! Very friendly and extremely determined to help with all my pool needs. I recommend this business for all pool services. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
joesph frizalone
joesph frizalone
Clean neat and detailed.


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